Cats are know for protecting their personal space, and humans or even dogs won’t change that behavior. However, when it’s time for them to respect the private space of others, they just won’t care.

These 21 cats below are hilariously invading their human’s personal space, making for these funny and awesome pictures.

#1 Teemo Trying To Get My Attention While Working

#2 This Is A Perfect Place For Me To Sit

#3 It's Become A Morning Routine

#4 Now That’s What I’m Tolkien About

#5 No Cat Understands Personal Space

#6 On The Internet Nobody Knows You're A Cat, Nobody!

#7 Every Morning When I Brush My Teeth

#8 Spoiler Alert: The Main Character Dies. Now Rub My Tummy

#9 I Just Wanted To Play Smash Bros

#10 You No Study, You Play With Pebbles

#11 Too Tired To Care

#12 The Pharaoh Personally Supervised His Slaves On Building His Pyramid

#13 No Privacy At All

#14 I’ll Just Lay Here

#15 This Is How My Kitten Likes To Ride In The Car

#16 A Cat Will Sit Wherever It Wants To Sit

#17 First Time Being Watched In The Shower By A Non-Person

#18 Cat Ownership Summed Up

#19 Stop Using That iPad. I Want Attention!

#20 She's Actually Terrifying

#21 Oh Hi! Were You Reading?

(source : boredpanda.com)

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