The Licki Brush is an actual, real product (I think!?) that has an actual kickstarter campaign behind it.

The licki brush is basically a cat brush designed to look like a tongue that you put in your mouth and then brush your cat with.

I can’t believe this is a thing. Why is this a thing?

Plus side – no hairballs!

The plus side of the new licki brush is you never have to deal with those pesky hairballs that your kitty likes to cough up on your nice carpet every few weeks.

The brush lets you hold your cat and lovingly stroke with with the brush that’s sticking out of your mouth.

Down side – people may think you’re crazy

While the upside of using the licki brush is that you won’t have to deal with hairballs, the down side is people may begin to think you’re straight up crazy.

Like, super certifiable. Because what grown person needs a brush that makes it look like they’re licking a cat?! I feel like I’m missing something here.

I first read about this product on BoredPanda’s facebook page, and the comments are pure gold.

While there are a few people who think this product is a good idea, most of the comments lean towards the ‘crazy cat lady’ territory, or the common, ‘Great!! Because licking my pussy is something I’ve always had trouble doing’ direction.


See it in action!

The Licki Brush does happen to be a real product, I think, and there’s even this handy video to show you exactly how to use it.

I’m sorry, as much as I love my cats this is taking it a step too far for me. I’ll just stick to using a regular old brush with my cats because this is totally too weird and if anyone in my life is getting this much action from me, they better buy me dinner first.

What do you think ? Would you buy this? (source : hmc)

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